Summit Learning Services about your children's education. On a daily basis, we encounter children who struggle to retain information, achieve satisfactory scores, and classroom grades. It is our mission to help young children and young adults achieve their academic goals. Summit Learning Services is the only national, franchised learning services company which requires each and every tutor to be (at minimum) a state licensed teacher. Research suggests that teacher preparation, pedagogy, and licensure are the strongest indicators for student achievement, especially in reading and math. In addition to being state licensed, each tutor is fingerprinted and has completed a federal criminal background check. For more information about how to select a tutor for your child, please call our office and we will be happy to give you additional information.

Summit Early Learning

Not only does Summit Learning Services require every tutor to be a state licensed teacher, we have been busy computing data on each and every student who has been tutored by us since we began services in 2007.

We are proud to announce that with both private pay and government pay (NCLB/SES) students, over 95% have shown improvements in reading and/or math. Experts have concluded that Summit Learning Services has created an educational model unlike any other company currently in the industry. Hands down, there truly is not a better choice than Summit.